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Snapmirror Daily Report

Everyday We are spending 40 mins to prepare the snapmirror replication capacity report. some of the friends are saying that we can set the auto generate mail or report  which may save 40 mins per day. in our site we are using ONTAP 8 version Storage also we are using . NETAPP ONCOMMAND SYSTEM MANAGER 2.2 Tool & NETAPP MANAGEMENT CONSOLE 3.2 tool    for monitoring purpose. we have 10 storage boxes. 5 boxes in DC 5 boxes in DR.

Is there any procedure aor steps which may save the 40 mins per day?


George Bernard


Re: Snapmirror Daily Report

There are some Powershell programs that are available or you should be able to OnCommand/DFM. If you have a Linux machine with rsh/ssh access to the filers it's very easy to write a simple bash program to grab this information and send out an email every day when it finds an exception such as the lag time.

Re: Snapmirror Daily Report

Do you have any procedure details to make it?

Re: Snapmirror Daily Report

What information do you want in the report? More information requires using an API to get it. Maybe include the header of the report you are generating now might help.

LAG time? Report when it hasn't completed within 24 hour (or what you want)?

How much time it took?

How much data was transferred?

Re: Snapmirror Daily Report

I need , how to set the auto generate snapmirror report through mail.?

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