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Snapmirror Deletion




In the process of cleaning up the work a contractor did for us, and I am finding multiple issues, one mainly being snapmirrors.  He crated snapmirrors, without a volume present on the destination.  Please, don't ask.  I go into the snapmirror on the destination, highlight it, and it will not delete because a volume does not exist.  The only way that I have been able to find a way to delete this is by re-creating a snapmirror from the source, thus creating a snapmirror, to include a volume on the destination.  Once done, I can go in and delete the snapmirror and then the volume.


Question:  Does anyone know the CLI to go into the destination and, without the volume being present, delete the snapmirror?  There are a multitude of snapmirrors, and going the long route will take a couple of days to do.  Any and all assistance will be greatly appreciate.  Thanks in advance.




Re: Snapmirror Deletion


If it is a 7-mode system, then try deleting the respective entry in /etc/snapmirror.conf file and then try removing the relationship. 


Let me know if it worked!

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