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Snapmirror progress indicator

I´m new to the community and don't know if this is the right place to post a question. Please relocate if that's the case.



I have to FAS in 8.3 7mode with several vols with snapmirror replica relations.

One Vol size is 4.6TB and left with the replica unscheduled for 4 month.

In that period, the vol got 260GB of accumulated snapmirror snapshots.

Last week I started the replica again and so far "Progress"* show that it already copied more than 302GB.

I have a good measure of the Site 2 Site bandwidth.


The question:

Is there some rule to calculate how much is missing, "Progress" GB seems not to be an accurate estimate.

I need to estimte when is going to release the snapmirror snapshot, i need to reclaime the space.


* From "snapmirror status -l"




Re: Snapmirror progress indicator

Hi @JoseRodino,


8.3 only exists in cDOT (ONTAP), not in 7-mode.

Do you mean 8.2.x?


snapmirror status -l is the best command to get the exact transfer information, however, you could also use df -r and snap delta <volname> to calculate the size "manually".





Re: Snapmirror progress indicator

Hi @Ron,


Thanks, my bad. The ONTAP release in both FAS is actually 8.2.4P6 7-Mode.


Let me rephrase:

I have a snapmirrored VOL with ~4.6TB.

I assumed that the value displayed on the OnCommand for the cumulative snapshots was the size to transfer by snapmirror.

That’s not the case according to “snap delta” command.

The OnCommand reported 260GB in cumulative, manually adding “snap delta” reported 745GB!!!


So I gess that the total volue to transfer is ~750GB!





Re: Snapmirror progress indicator

Hi Jose,

I suppose your calculation is correct indeed.

Check out the KB!
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