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Snapmirror to Snowball?


Is anyone out there familar enough with AWS Snowball  to tell me if I can use a Snowball to perform seeding to a CVO?  Has anyone actually done it?


We are looking at methods to seed data from an on-prem FAS to a CVO, and some folks think this would work but I can't find any documentation on it.


The idea is to seed the transport storage (snowball), then use it to seed the CVO, and resync with the On-Prem system via Snapmirror.





Yes. I don't have specifics but it might require an Alta Vault, which is EOA.


If no one replies, feel free to open a case and we'll be glad to take a look on specifics on your config. I'm not the most knowledgable but at least I wanted to give something.

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