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Snapmirror transfering never ends


Hi,  I am new to NetApp, and facing issue SnapMirror transfer.



Recently, I faced an issue with the SnapMirror relationship due to network problems. After resolving the network issue and ensuring stability over a few weeks, I initiated the SnapMirror process again. However, the transfer seems to be stuck, and it never completes. Any idea?



Viewing Source Volume via Ontap system manager.

  • Data Space Used: 32.69 TB
  • Data Space Available: 11.99 TB
  • Over Provisioned Space: 639.62 GB
  • Snapshot Copies Space Used: 15.4 TB - an old snapshot from 2023-12-x when relationship was created but then was broken again. this could be the cause?
  • Snapshot Copies Space Available: 0 Byte
  • Snapshot Reserve Space: 621.64 GB
  • Logical Space Used: 98.59 TB

Destination Volume detail:


  • Data Space Used: 41.61 TB
  • Data Space Available: 13.39 TB
  • Over Provisioned Space: 0 Byte
  • Snapshot Copies Space Used: 0 Byte
  • Snapshot Copies Space Available: 0 Byte
  • Snapshot Reserve Space: 0 Byte
  • Logical Space Used: 41.61 TB


snapmirror show svm-backup:cifs_volX_n3_sata_vault -instance

  • Source Path: cifs:volX_n3_sata
  • Destination Path: svm-backup:cifs_volX_n3_sata_vault
  • Relationship Type: XDP
  • SnapMirror Schedule: Hourly
  • SnapMirror Policy Type: Vault
  • Mirror State: Uninitialized
  • Relationship Status: Transferring
  • Snapshot Progress: 102.1TB
  • Total Progress: 102.1TB
  • Healthy: false
  • Unhealthy Reason: Scheduled update failed to start. (Volume svm-backup:cifs_volX_n3_sata_vault is not initialized.)
  • Last Transfer End Timestamp: 03/26 10:13:37
  • Relationship Capability: 8.2 and above
    Lag Time: -
    Identity Preserve Vserver DR: -
    Volume MSIDs Preserved: -
    Is Auto Expand Enabled: -
    Number of Successful Updates: 0
    Number of Failed Updates: 0
    Number of Successful Resyncs: 0
    Number of Failed Resyncs: 0
    Number of Successful Breaks: 0
    Number of Failed Breaks: 0
    Total Transfer Bytes: 0
    Total Transfer Time in Seconds: 0"

thanks in advance,





Have you try a break and initialize again ?

Hi,   Not yet, i aborted it afew times as it never finishes.


I have seen some replication take a lot of extra time.

Have you done a "snap list" on both the source and destinations?

Maybe it is transferring all the snapshots?

On the destiantion, look at "vol efficiency show"

Maybe ONTAP is doing some operation there.


There are 3 snapshots on the source, one is from Dec-2023 and two every day created.


on the destinations, there is no snapshot transfered yet and Storage efficiency is not enabled, probably it was missed to be enabled but now i get an error to enable it, it seems i must break the relationship as it would not end its transfer?


For the Storage Efficiency, it's normal, the Destiantion Volume follow the source volume, but it's need to be snapmirrored befor 🙂

For the snapmirror, can you do a "snapmirror show -instance" to chek why the transfert was not done ?

I had to abort it as it never finished. The reason is that it was aborted.  it is supposed to transfer 40tb but 102tb transfered and still counting, for this reason i had to abort to figure out what is happening 🙂


It could be an ONTAP but. Have you updated recently? What code you on?

it wont update it as it is not fully initiated so it wont update it, i am on NetApp Release 9.7P22.