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Snapmirror volume move to another aggregate same controler.




I have a NetApp FAS2554 running 9.1P19 cluster mode.


We have two aggregates which are used only to store volumes which are snapmirror destinations. In order to get more space we decided to create two additional aggregates to which we want to move some of the volumes.  The  new aggregates will be managed by the same controller like the old ones.


I have the following questions:

1. Since we will move them between aggregates with the same SVM and controller do we need do something additional like breaking snapmirror in order to move the volumes?
I'm planing to use  <vol move> command for implementing the move

2. If the above works do I need to specify cutover window?


I saw the below topic but I didn't find the complete answer to my question.



Thank you in advance for the help!





Yes, 'vol move' should do the job. There is nothing additional you need to do (i.e No Breaking required). Cut-over is done automatic and it is seamless, however if you wish to have manual cut-over intervention then there is a provision. However, I would suggest just leave it to 'vol move', it will take care of it automatically and it knows best when to cut-over.



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