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Snapmirror with encryption



Does anybody knows if we can setup a Snapmirror replication from a non-encrypted source volume to an NVE destination volume, running DO 9.3 ?


And also, what are the requirement to establish an end to end data encryption using NVE and Snapmirror  between two separated Netapp Cluster.


Thanks !


Re: Snapmirror with encryption


What's the souce cluster version,  but usually you can do non-NVE on oneside and NVE on the other.   


And I don't believe there is any feature yet built in to ONTAP for encrypting NVE snapmirrors in-flight. 

Re: Snapmirror with encryption


DO 9.3 is running on both cluster.

This means we can establish a snapmirror replication from a non NVE source cluster to a NVE destination cluster, without in flight encryption, right ?

Re: Snapmirror with encryption


Right. NVE provides at-rest encryption only for the source and/or destination array locally.  NVE is independent of snapmirro and thus can be unconfigured at the source and configured at the destination and vice-versa. For in-flight encryption of snapmirror transfers you would need to configure ipsec as described in this KB article https://kb.netapp.com/app/answers/answer_view/a_id/1032413/loc/en_US#__highlight

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