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Snapprotect reference architecture?

Hi all,

So I'll admit I'm struggling a little with visualising the Snapprotect infrstructure - particularly trying to work out which networks my OnCommand Unified Manager appliance and the Commserver/commcell/media agent boxes need to sit on.  (I may also be complicating this by looking at a proof of concept at present using cDOT ONTAP sims)

Ultimately I'll need to use this to back up virtual machines on vSphere datastores and I'm not clear if any of the data protection management boxes need access to the dedicated storage network for NFS/iSCSI (or FC connectivity when this is used) as well as management networks. Books Online isn't triggering the eureka moment in my brain at the moment.

Anyone know of a reference architecture or blog detailing a build that my google search isn't finding please? Many thanks


Re: Snapprotect reference architecture?

I'll answer this myself as there have been a few views - for Partners on the Field Portal there are a few SnapProtect Cookbook and Best Practice Guides (one for cDOT and another 7-mode). Step by step instructions I'll see if that does the trick and try to rule out config mistakes on my part..

Re: Snapprotect reference architecture?

Bob -

SnapProtect architecture is that the MediaAgent assigned to the Storage Policy is what requires communication to the storage and OCUM.     In a vSphere environment, the sub client gets configured with an ESX server that the VSA will use for restore and other operations that requiring mounting a Datastore and its storage back in the infrastructure.  

If you follow the cookbooks, make sure you keep in mind you want to configure your backup sub clients for each Datastore (aka Datastore Affinity), as its what aligns with a snapshot based backup (snapshots are created at the volume level which should align with a datastore).

Hope it helps.

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