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Snapshot Delete busy,vclone


Hi all,


I've just inherited a FAS system and I'm really not sure what my predecessor was up to. I've found some snapshots that are in the status busy,vclone and so cannot delete them.


I'm needing a little help in finding out what these snaps are doing, if they are in use, how to remove the locks and then delete them. Some of these snapshots have been around for 6 months+.


The system is a FAS 8020 8.3. I've seen a a post which is a similar issue to mine that talks about runing the volume status -v to find out if there are any dependencies but this command doesn't work on my system.


Here is an example of one of the snpashots, I have a bunch of others to clean up.


phscdchsc01::> volume snapshot show vol_name -instance

Vserver: vserver_name
Volume: vol_name
Snapshot: cl0ne_name
Creation Time: Thu Apr 16 09:57:44 2015
Snapshot Busy: true
List of Owners: volume clone
Snapshot Size: 30.50GB
Percentage of Total Blocks: 1%
Percentage of Used Blocks: 2%
Comment: -
7-Mode Snapshot: false
Label for SnapMirror Operations: -
Snapshot State: -
Constituent Snapshot: false


Thanks in advance....




I think I've found my own answer. I have to split the FlexVol Clone and then I'll be in a position to clean up.


Re: Snapshot Delete busy,vclone


Good that you found a solution. 

If you need to find if a volume has clones or which snapshot is backing a clone, try this command

volume clone show -vserver * -flexclone * -fields parent-volume,parent-snapshot



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