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Snapshot Directory

Hi there,


We are running Data Ontap 8.2.1 and have a CIFs volume which we carry out nightly snapshots on.


We would like to access the snapshot directory, however even after turning on 'Make Snapshot directory (.snapshot) visible' via OnCommand System Manager, we are still unable to browse to the snapshots.


On the client workstation we are trying to access the data from we have made sure the 'Show hidden files' and 'hide protected operatung system files' have been set to allow.


Can anyone provide some advice on this?




Re: Snapshot Directory

What is the OS in user end system? Are you able to open the properties window and view a tab named "Previous Versions". It is the same data as in snapshot.

Re: Snapshot Directory



Is it just the one volume or all volumes?

Have you tried a different computer?


I've seen MS security / browsing settings prevent the ~snapshot from showing up and also have had issues with having to use the FQDN / IP.





Re: Snapshot Directory

Hi Kudos,


Great that worked!!!


Many thanks

Re: Snapshot Directory

goose69 - Please accept it as solution if it worked. That will close this discussion thread.

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