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Snapshot copy warning



Enironment: Ontap 9.4, OCUM 9.5 volumes types FLEXVOL

Alert : Risk          - Too Many Snapshot Copies


As far as i know In ONTAP 9.3 and earlier, a volume can contain up to 255 Snapshot copies. In ONTAP 9.4 and later, a volume can contain up to 1023 Snapshot copies. But there are some storage limit regarding the snapshots : Maximum per FlexVol volume is 255 and for Infinite Volume 1023


In my environment OCUM snapshots count are locked to maximum 255 unable to increase and  when i check the volume snapshot copies appear 276 sapshots + alert: Too Many Snapshot Copies 


Could be a bug ?


Thank you




Re: Snapshot copy warning

@bogdan Are you still looking for a solution?

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