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Snapvault - Tape Backup Question


Wonder if anyone can shed light on this.


We have a snapvault relationship setup between two filers across two geographical locations. We have the snapvault schedule set to back up 180 dailys and 52 weeklys.


Yesterday, I kicked off a backup job to tape. It was configured to point to the most recent weekly SV backup. According to System Manager, the weekly backup wrote 12.7GB of data. I assume this figure relates to the incremental changes made since the previous week?


When backing up to tape - the tape job wrote 1.7TB?


Anyone know why it didnt just write the 12.7GB?





If your using NDMP backup, and you point to a snap, it's going to backup the entire volume ... The snap is just change rate and points to the data, so you need the entire volume to make sense of it


Im confused about the sizes and would be grateful for an explanation.


So we created a snapvault relationship from the primary filer for a an area called 'Userhome' (see attached file named snapvault.png)


Userhome has it's data stored within a volume named PROD_FILE1_DATA02_CIFS but there are other CIFS shares stored within the same volume. We segregate each portion by Q_Trees and the Q_Tree I am interested in is Q_userhome (primary). To add more complication the volume (PROD_FILE1_DATA02_CIFS) is owned by a VFILER named VFILER_1


I've SSH'ed onto the Filer and done a vfiler context vfiler_1. I have then done a quota on PROD_FILE1_DATA_02_CIFS and it shows the following:


quota: Starting quota initialization.
(Execute 'quota status' or 'quota status PROD_STATIC_FILEDATA_CIFS' for status.)


quota status PROD_FILE1_DATA_02_CIFS
PROD_FILE1_DATA_02_CIFS: quotas are initializing (0% done).


quota status PROD_FILE1_DATA_02_CIFS
PROD_FILE1_DATA_02_CIFS: quotas are off.


The reason I am doing this is to create a blank quota on the volume after which I can issue a the command 'quota report' and see how much is being used by the Q_Tree.


Any Ideas why its going from initializing to OFF ?






Check the log file on the filer and you may find quota error messages. Typically the quotas will go off again if there's no valid rules for the volume so you may have a typo?