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Snapvault previous versions are identical


I have a FAS2240 running Cluster mode 8.2

I have a volume used as a snapvault target. This has snapshots dating back 12 months. I can list the snapshots and they show sizes, dates etc. as expected.

I have the volume mounted as a readonly CIFS share.

When I browse the share using Windows explorer I can see the files and folders as I would expect. If I use the previous versions dialogue I can see previous versions for each snapshot as I would expect dating back 12 months.


The problem starts when I view one of those snapshots. It doesn't matter which version I choose, the data I see in Windows explorer is the most recent version.


What is going wrong here? Is there another way to access this data?


Re: Snapvault previous versions are identical


So I can access these old snapshots using the ~snapshots folder

Does anybody know why the Windows Explorer previous versions only shows the latest data?

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