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Some Few Questions about NetApp Filer in Cluster Mode


Hello Everybody,


i have some Questions about the NetApp NAS Filers (Cluster Mode) and here i think i´ll be at the right place for them:


1. Many small Files within One Directory


In Our Infrastructure we have Folders with up to 400-500k Files inside of them (one Folder), how well can a NetApp handle that. For example, i know that EMC´s Isilon have Problems with that, but they adress this with SSD´s for Meta Data. So now i´m interessted how NetApp Filers handle Many Small Files 


2. Data @Rest Encryption


As i know, Netapp uses Self Encrypting Drives. I also know that not all Features are available for Cluster Mode. Is Data @Rest Encryption anvailable for Cluster Mode?


3. Access from Unix and Windows Clients to the same File with UID/SID Mapping


i know that this is every time Paim in the Ass on every System, here i hope that someone who done this can give me a shoot how well it works especcialy in combination with Replication etc..... We will use AD with Unix Extensions as Single Authentication Provider


4. Single Stream Performance


How well can handle a NetApp Single Stream Performance? In our case, copy of Database Dumps a few TB in Size or direct Database Dumps to the NAS Filer also a few TB in Size.


5. Snapshots


On what Point are Snapshots, on a Filesystemlevel or could a Snapshot also been made on a Folder Level?


6. Replication


Will Shares, Quotas, SID UID Mapping etc... be Replicated too?


7. Architecture / Load Balancing


Maybe someone can provide me a Link for a Document where the Architecture of the NetApp Clustered Ontap is documented in Detail. Especially the Load Balancing and how Ressources are Balanced through the Cluster.


8. Support for Sophos and Trendmicro for AV Scan


As i dont have Access to the Support Matrix, maybe someone can told me if Sophos and Trendmicro are supported. I think they should because its ICAP but i want to check it



Thank you all in Advance for your Input, maybe there is somewhere a Discussion about why NetApp over [Insert other NAS Product here], dont hesitate to provide me some links 🙂