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Standard SNMP Trap : "linkDown" trap's description is not coming properly




In my netapp simulator which is in C mode, for linkDown Standard SNMP event I'm getting a event description as number 2.


However a textual description like "ethernet link down" would make more sense.


If its a builtin netapp trap, I could have looked for the descrption defined in MIB file, but since its a Standard trap, I'm little clueless here.


Can you please help me by providing some pointers.






What utility are you using to check the trap messages?


Standard traps are defined as per RFC1215 and NetApp has nothing to do with it. Quoted from generic traps section of  https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc1215 ;

 linkDown TRAP-TYPE
              ENTERPRISE  snmp
              VARIABLES   { ifIndex }
                          "A linkDown trap signifies that the sending
                          protocol entity recognizes a failure in one of
                          the communication links represented in the
                          agent's configuration."
              ::= 2


As you may see, ID 2 is defined as the linkDown event. Now what is so confusing there?

You may also take a look at this KB for a better understanding . https://kb.netapp.com/support/index?page=content&id=3010108



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Thank you for the reply.


In my local setup we are getting 2 for link up as well.


Hence I'm little confused and asking this question.I thought the RFC is only using the numbers as an example.






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