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Storage efficency Change log 100%

Storage efficency shows Change log 100%. I can not stop or restart process.

::> volume efficiency start -vserver <vserver> -volume <volume> -scan-old-data true

give me

Error: command failed: Failed to start efficiency on volume "XXXXXXX" of Vserver "XXXXX": Operation is currently pending.


Any ideas on how to fix that ?


Re: Storage efficency Change log 100%

If you get change log 100%, it means you either 

1) reached maximum deduplication efficiency possible, yes, there is a limit

2) or you simply do not have free space in your volume.


In any way, I would strongly suggest familiarizing yourself with TR-4476



Re: Storage efficency Change log 100%

Find out  that I run into the bug :


Only current ways to workaround the issue is either a takeover/giveback of the node or doing an offline/online of the volume

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