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Swap ports within a LACP group


I am going to swap a couple of ports among 4 ports in a LACP group for better connecting to switches. 


I would like to confirm with Experts, all I need to do is just to swap cables without the need to change any configurations becaus all configurations should be staying in the same.

Are there any commands to "rescan" ports/LACP to refresh the change?





Whatever you do, first I would  evacuate any LIF that's sitting on that ifgrp/vlan/port.   


But no,  there's no "rescan" to get them to rebuild.  If they're able to rebuild, they will.   





Then, if it is true tha I don't need to do any configurations chnage, other than evacuating as you suggested?


Not on the netapp side,  the last time I did this for a customer is because their network group wanted to remove vPC across the environment. 


It went something like this: 


network interface migrate-all -port <port>    (you can also do -node)   

Networking team recabled the ports on their side.   

I was watching the ifgrp rebuild using network port ifgrp show -ifgrp <ifgrp> 

Once it was healthy,  I moved back a single test lif,  tested ping. 

Lastly, moved all the lifs back home with network interface revert * 




Steps are following:

-failover all lif's on this ifgrp to the other nodes;

-network interface migrate-all -port ec0          
e0c is a port need to be swapped in lacp. will connectivities to e0c  failed to the ohter ports in the same LACP ?
-moved back a single test lif,  tested ping.
-moved all the lifs back home with network interface revert * 




If i'm reading  your read text right...    You're moving all lifs off that port, so there will be no traffic going through it.  And just be sure to do only one controller/node at a time. 



Yes, makes sense.


Then what cases will the followoing command be used for if I migrate LIF's on this ifgrp off first?

network interface migrate-all -port <port>


That's a command for the lazy,  you can move each one individually,  but that just moves everything off the LIF that's possible to move.    Things like iSCSI won't move over.    Also,  if any of the lifs have Auto-Revert enabled, you might want to shut that off before hand.