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Sysloging +Config


Hi All

Setting up Syslogging here and have a few questions.

Initial config planned as as below.



However i need to send on a specific TCP port so should i just need do this as below



And based on the logging options what is the difference between all of the below...

Looks like they are mostly all the same except "No-Info-Debug" also logs at Notice level.






I assume you are changing the port for security purposes.  I suggest just keep the same port and instead use encryption.   However,  if that is not possible,   as mentioned,  you can use the "cluster log-forwarding create" command to change port number.


As for the logging question,  what you see are the default filters.   I suggest,  create your own filter and rules, create the destination, and assign the filter to the destination:

<DOT 9.1+>

event filter create -filter-name <filtername>

event notification destination create -name <destname> -syslog  <syslogname or IP>

event notification create -filter-name <filtername> -destinations <destname>

event filter rule add -filter-name <filtername> -type <include/exclude> -message-name  <message>

If you are unfamiliar with setting event filters and destinations, you can read this KB about Ontap logging and its corresponding  "Additional Information" links:  



for the command you would need to use the -port flag to specify the port 512.




::>cluster log-forwarding create -destination <ip> -port 512 -facility <syslog facility>



REF: https://docs.netapp.com/ontap-9/index.jsp?topic=%2Fcom.netapp.doc.dot-cm-cmpr-970%2Fcluster__log-forwarding__create.html

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