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Temporary Shutdown of Switchless Cluster


Tomorrow we are temporarily shutting down a switchless cluster on a NetApp 2620 running OnTAP 9.3P7. Purpose is to physically remove all equipment in the way of Hurricane Michael, bring it back in a few days, and restart.


I believe the process is straightforward but would love to hear any recommendations. Here is what I plan to do:


Turn off all backup jobs.

Invoke AutoSupport.

Enter the storage failover modify -node * -auto-giveback false command.

Enter the system node halt <node> -inhibit-takeover true -skip-lif-migration-before-shutdown true command.

Once the LOADER prompt appears on both nodes, power off the system.


In particular, should I do anything special as it relates to cluster ha?


@SeanHatfield, you were super-helpful on a similar discussion a year ago. If you happen to see this and have time, I would love to hear your thoughts.


Re: Temporary Shutdown of Switchless Cluster


2node switchless doesn't require anything special.  What you've outlined would be fine.  As long as the gear is intact after the event it should come right back up.  



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Re: Temporary Shutdown of Switchless Cluster


Thank you Sean!

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