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Time outs when adding StorageGrid as External Capacity Tier.


We are running an on-premise StorageGrid WebScale (  object store on our plant.

I'm trying to add this object store as a External Capacity tier to our ONTAP (9.3P5) cluster.


Trying to add this fails with the reason 'Operation timedout' whitout any more clarification.

So i've checked wether the grid and port are available from the cluster, got into the systemshell and did a telnet to the correct port, all connected.

The grid is pingable.

The Intercluster LIF's are in the same network as the grid.


Event log shows no specific errors related to this.


The only 'DEBUG'  event log message that seems relevant to this action is only popping up on 1 node and reads:

rastrace.dump.saved: A RAS trace dump for module OBJSTORE_CLIENT instance 1 was stored in /etc/log/rastrace/OBJSTORE_CLIENT_1_20180823_16:03:00:011868.dmp.


The GRID is browsable through an S3 browser and we also have an altavault connected to the grid so that works.


Are there any known-bugs about connections between ONTAP 9.3P5 and SGWS 11.0? Or am I missing something?