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Unable to access .snapshot path from Windows 8/2012 R2 or later



It's been a while since this first happened. But now it's annoying. In our environment from Windows 2008R2/Windows 7 we can do \\filer\share\.snahshot. From Windows 2012 R2\Windows 8\10 i cannot access that path. Just says Windows cannot access that path.


We are running OnTap 8.2.4P3. With SMB 2 enabled.


Appreciate any help




Is this "The hidden ~snapshot directory is not accessible from non-junction subdirectories within the share."

See https://library.netapp.com/ecmdocs/ECMP1196891/html/GUID-6D832809-1E60-4041-BF08-D390CB6B3D89.html 

How to access the ~snapshot directory from Windows clients using SMB 2.x


Two options:


1. Enable "show snapshots" on BOTH volume->snapshot configuration and in the Share options

-> Then it should be always visible in the root of the share, and when entering ...\~snapshot in Explorer.






2. If you don't want it to always be visible at the root:

Just enable Show Snapshots in the Volume->Snapshot Configuration (not in the Share options)


Now, you need to set a Windows registry key to disable Windows Explorer file/folder caching. That is because the ~snapshot is not presented to Windows when just accessing the share (only when you specifically enter the ~snapshot part).

But because Windows has "all" folders cached, it says "there is no ~snapshot" without even asking Netapp for a new directory listing.


Sorry, right now, I am unable to find the Netapp or Microsoft KB for this... you'll have to search for this yourself ;-(


Might be rudimentary, but is snapdir-access enabled on the volume?  We've forgotten to enable that in the past (we don't do a lot of CIFS so it doesn't always click when we run into the problem)...


Thanks for the reply. Yeah that's enabled

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