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Unable to configure ASUP using SMTP


Hi All,

I am very new to NetApp.NetApp engineer configured ASUP in NetApp storage box. We added cluster node IP address in SMTP relay server but we are not getting mails. PLease help on that.

Let me know what i need to do?

Cluster DataONTAP version is 8


Re: Unable to configure ASUP using SMTP


1. I find below error.

NETAPP::> system node autosupport history show

             Seq                                    Attempt  Last

Node         Num   Destination Status               Count    Update

------------ ----- ----------- -------------------- -------- -----------------



                   smtp        transmission-failed  15       5/14/2014 17:35:10

                   http        ignore               1        5/14/2014 14:46:49

                   noteto      transmission-failed  15       5/14/2014 17:35:09

2. I make entries of below things

NETAPP::> event dest show
Name             Mail Dest.        SNMP Dest.         Syslog Dest.       Params
---------------- ----------------- ------------------ ------------------ ------
NETAPPTESTMAILS  email_address@company.com
                                   -                  -                  false
allevents        -                 -                  -                  false
asup             -                 -                  -                  false
criticals        -                 -                  -                  false
pager            -                 -                  -                  false
traphost         -                 <SMTP IP>
        -                  false
6 entries were displayed.

3. From 1st node, it is showing SMTP RELAY IP address alive but not from 2nd Node. Please check below command.

SNETAPP::> network ping -node NETAPPCTRL1 -destination <SMTP IP Address>

<SMTP IP Address> is alive

NETAPP::> network ping -node NETAPPCTRL2 -destination <SMTP IP Address>

no answer from <SMTP IP Address>

Re: Unable to configure ASUP using SMTP



If the second node cannot ping the IP address of the SMTP server then it seems likely that there is a problem with the routing configuration or that communication is being blocked somehow e.g. by a firewall

So that is one issue. You can debug that as a networking problem e.g. Is routing involved? Are the Filers on the same subnet? The SMTP server also?

There is a NetApp Knowledgebase entry (KB ID: 1014216 - https://kb.netapp.com/support/index?page=content&id=1014216) about troubleshooting SMTP autosupport. It recommends checking routing via this command:

network traceroute -node <node_name> -destination <remote_server>

Secondly it seems that the autosupport message is not being delivered from either node. In my experience SMTP servers often reject messages because of "anti-spam" configuration options e.g the server may require a specific "from" address. Have you configured the autosupport related options? E.g. in 7-mode (I don't have access to a CDoT Filer at the moment - sorry) there were options such as:

autosupport.from             postmaster

autosupport.mailhost         mailhost  

If you can get to see the SMTP server logs it is very helpful e.g. you should be able to see if the Filer(s) are even able to connect.


Robb W.

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