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Unable to grow volume


I got this error with a volume which is including Thin-provisioned LUN but it seems there is still enough space.

The volume is not thin-provisioned.

What shoud I take care of this error?

Thu Mar 27 14:13:33 CET [XXXXXX:wafl.vol.autoSize.fail:info]: Unable to grow volume 'vol_lun_XXXXXX' to recover space: Volume cannot be grown beyond maximum growth limit

> df -k /vol/vol_lun_XXXXXX

Filesystem               total       used      avail capacity  Mounted on

/vol/vol_lun_XXXXXX/ 104857600KB 55827872KB 49029728KB      53%  /vol/vol_lun_XXXXXX

/vol/vol_lun_XXXXXX/.snapshot        0KB 30806984KB        0KB     ---%  /vol/vol_lun_XXXXXX/.snapshot


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Re: Unable to grow volume

In general, this means that the volume has the "Volume autosize" setting enabled, but the maximum size value is less than the current size of the volume.  This typically happens when the volume is resized but the volume autosize max size is not adjusted.

So... depending on your business practices, just increase the autosize max size to be greater than the current size of the volume, or turn off volume autosize completely.

Unable to grow volume

Ah, autoglow size was exactly as same as volume size. I set bigger size then error message haven't shown up.

Thank you.

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