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Unable to unmount SFR snapshot


A snapshot appears to be mounted under my ESX storage. I cannot unmount it through vcenter as it says it is in use.
I located the VM making use of that snapshot storage and shut it down. Still I cannot unmount it through ESX.

In SMVI I can no longer see a SFR session. When I locate the snapshot under backups > restore it says it is mounted for
SFR but no to mounted. I tried to unmount but then it says it is not mounted.

I seem to have a few issues with SFR at the moment but I would like to get rid of this mount before I start working on that one.

Restarting SMVI did not do the trick either. I could get rid of backup if need be but not sure if it would let me do that since it appears to be in use.



Re: Unable to unmount SFR snapshot

I deleted the VM in question and I was unable to unmount the backup

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