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Units for "snapshot show -fields size"


I've got a fair number of volumes with daily and weekly snapshots (i.e., snapshots whose names start with daily.2016-02* or weekly.2016-02*), and my management is getting curious about how much space the snapshots are taking up in a given SVM. It feels like a command as simple as snapshot show -vserver foobar -fields size -snapshot weekly.* will do the trick, and it mostly is? Except that snapshots less than 1GB are shown in megabytes, and I'd love it a great deal if the CLI would show me all the numbers in GB, even if it's less than 1 (i.e., 0.43GB or what have you). Is that a thing I can do? Or is there some other kind of voodoo I'd need to do with OCUM (5.2, if that's relevant)?




Re: Units for "snapshot show -fields size"


Use the "set" command.  Here are the options for units:


    [-units {auto|raw|B|KB|MB|GB|TB|PB}] - Data Units
         Use this parameter to specify the default units used when reporting data sizes. Possible values are:

         o   auto - Auto-scale data size for human-readable output

         o   raw - Bytes without unit designation

         o   B - Bytes

         o   KB - Kilobytes

         o   MB - Megabytes

         o   GB - Gigabytes

         o   TB - Terabytes

         o   PB - Petabytes

         The default setting is auto.

For example, to always display in MB you would use "set -units MB" from the clustershell.


Hope that helps.



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Re: Units for "snapshot show -fields size"


This did the trick!


Caveat: setting units to GB will show all values less than 1GB as 0GB, not as a decimal value between 0 and 1 GB. Therefore setting units to MB (in my use case) makes more sense. 



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