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Upgrade FAS2552 7MOD to CDOT


Hi all !  


I'll have to upgrade a FAS2552 which is currently running  7MOD 8.2.5P2. By checking HWU, I could upgrade to ONTAP 9.6 (even 9.7). What's the process to do so ? Data have already been migrated, so i'll first erase everything (option 4), no need of 7MTT. 


Thanks for your answers. 




Re: Upgrade FAS2552 7MOD to CDOT


the easiest option would be to option 4 it then just load the new OS on it.  Make sure to get the new license keys

Re: Upgrade FAS2552 7MOD to CDOT


Thanks for your answer. My question would be how to load the OS (probably 9.6) on it ? Could't find any KB. 

Do i need to reniew licences ? Are they not the same ? 


Re: Upgrade FAS2552 7MOD to CDOT


You need to set the boot arg to tell it to boot into clustered ONTAP.     



You'll also need to connect the cluster network ports between the controllers with a 10G cables.  See hwu.netapp.com for supported part numbers. 


After that (you should be able to) install ONTAP 9.7P latest using boot menu opt 7.     (if 9.7 fails try 9.1)   

Once that is finished run opt 9  -> 9a -> 9b on each node (wait for node 1 to finish before you start on node 2) 


lastly,  create the cluster and apply the Keys.   (you'll probably have to request clustered keys from support depending what it was shipped/ordered with) 



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Re: Upgrade FAS2552 7MOD to CDOT


Thanks a lot for your answer, NETAPP support couldn't find this KB which is exactly what i was looking for. 

I understood licences will be not the same, i'll check for that. 

Basically, i could go for 9.6 directly without installing 8.3 before ? 

HA is already configured on the storage, i don't know a lot about 7MOD so i bet 10G cables are already connected between the two controllers ? 



Re: Upgrade FAS2552 7MOD to CDOT


I would check they weren't needed in 7mode.   I have e0e -> e0e and e0f -> e0f  connected on my lab 2552 running 9.7. 


 cluster connections are required to get the cluster going.    

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