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Upgrading a single node "Cluster" whilst live

Were running a single node cluster on our DR site and we are planning to upgrade it to Ontap 9.3P12 from 9.3


I was searching how to do it online and came across the following KB



Is the above KB enough to update the Ontap without any downtime?


Any insight on this matter will be more than appreciated!


Re: Upgrading a single node "Cluster" whilst live

Single node clusters require downtime (a reboot) to upgrade.   


check step 9 on the link you posted

- The node is rebooted as part of the update and cannot be accessed while rebooting.


note: I would pause any snapmirrors before you start the upgrade. 

Re: Upgrading a single node "Cluster" whilst live

Obvious exception is two node metro cluster.

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