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User acceptance testcases for AFF-A250 and FAS 8300 redundant components ( Network, Controller, FAN,


Hi Netapp gurus,


We implemented the AFF-A250 and FAS 8300 storages. Client wants us to provide the testcases with the below :


Failover Test Results of each of those systems for each of the redundant components ( Network, Controller, FAN, Shelf loop etc.. )


Is there any available documents / testcases for these, especially for FAB, Shelf and network connections



We don't publish those externally as those are usually validated with Q/A testing and any failures are fixed internally before shipping to customers. If that is needed, the account team may be able to help but that is a very strange request that may not be fulfillable.


Can you provide more details on the request and why it is needed?


Hi ,

Becuse customer recently faced a strange behaviour from Netapp AFF 300 storage, single FAN failure caused entire storage down and has caused serious impact on their business. This is the reason why client want to test this redundancy of all hardware components of new AFF-A250 and FAS 300.

Kindly how can we convince customer with some testcase and results

Thanks & Regards,
Sowfeer Naranath


Those are all easy to do. It just takes time to validate. Nothing documented here, usually just wing it but you certainly could create sober document to satisfy



If everything is properly wired, through the switch(es) on one pdu. Verify. Power back on and wait a minute. Repeat the other side. 



 on one controller, pull one date cable at a time waiting maybe a minute between pulls. When done all data should be going through the other node. 
plug back in and wait or force recovery. Wait 8 minutes. Repeat the other way


 pull one sas controller. Wait at least one minute. Plug in. Wait at least one minute. Pull a different cable. Wait one minute. Plug in. Wait another minute. Try another cable…See the pattern. Continue



 literally disconnect one controller, hot 

it should automatically failover and the other node should continue. The node pulled will destage and take maybe 40 seconds to actually turn off. When the destage finishes plug it back in. It should boot and auto giveback happens in about 8 minutes