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User quota rule problem


I have a cifs vserver acting as a file server in an active directory domain. I set up a volume, a qtree and a share and created a policy rule for a user quota on that qtree.

I used the command: 'volume quota policy rule create ...-volume <my volume>  -type user -target "" -qtree <my qtree>'

When I run 'volume quota policy rule show' on that volume, I do see a user quota on that qtree.

When I run 'volume quota show ...-volume <my volume>' I receive the error 'skipping new definition for * (type:user target:* qtree:<my qtree>  volume:<my volume>). Volume <my volume> has no valid quota rules in quota policy default'

And when I check with an AD user that has his homedir on the share that is configured on that qtree, there's no size limit for the homedir.

Can't figure out what I missed.


Re: User quota rule problem


Might be good to try and toggle on and off the quotas for the volume as sometimes they won't take effect and initialize properly until then, see below.





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Re: User quota rule problem


Thanks you so much. It worked.

I did turn it on initially, but only after toggling it off-on, it kicked-in.

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