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VServer connection to FPolicy Server fails, NetApp 8.2 Cluster mode




I am currently working with a NetApp 8.2 cluster mode, developping a Windows FPolicy Server based on existing NetApp sample code.


My Windows FPolicy Server runs on Windows XP, and I have manually created my FPolicy Event, FPolicy Engine, Policy, Scope on my Server. FPolicy is enabled.


The process is the following :

I am starting the FPolicy Server, which starts listening on the socket opened on the preconfigured port. Communications are through TCP.


When I try to connect the FPolicy engine to the FPolicy Server from the Cluster console, by the command :

vserver fpolicy engine-connect -vserver vserver1  -node adadataontap82-01 -policy-name p-hsm01 -server x.x.x.x


I see the FPolicy server receiving requests, and replying with XML messages, for the Policy Handshake


But the FPolicy Server finally gets an XML message displaying an error :


<?xml version="1.0"?><Header><NotfType>ALERT_MSG</NotfType><ContentLen>213</ContentLen><DataFormat>XML</DataFormat></Header>

<?xml version="1.0"?><Alert><SessionId>ad46ead6-582e-11e3-8433-123478563412</SessionId><Severity>FATAL</Severity><AlertMsg>Extra separator found in the response received from the FPolicy server.</AlertMsg></Alert>


I can also see the error on the cluster console because the server status of FPolicy Server is : disconnected


adadataontap82::> vserver fpolicy show-engine -vserver vserver1 -node adadataontap82-01 -fields disconnect-reason,server-status,disconnected-since,disconnect-reason-id
node                                 vserver        policy-name     server                server-status      disconnected-since         disconnect-reason                                                                                                        disconnect-reason-id
-----------------                    --------          --------                ------------            -------------             ---------------------                 -------------------------------------------------------------------------                                          --------------------
adadataontap82-01       vserver1     p-hsm01         x.x.x.x                   disconnected      "11/28/2013 14:12:05"     "Extra separator found in the response received from the FPolicy server."        9393


The XML message previously sent by the FPolicy Server to the NetApp Filer was composed of

1. The length of the XML message, with format being Record Marker (double-quotes), followed by 4 bytes (length of message in network format, produced with htonl), followed by a Record marker

2. The XML message


I can't find any document explaining the XML exchange format between the NetApp Filer and the FPolicy Server with NetApp 8.2, to understand where is the error in the format.

Hope my problem description is clear enough, so that anyone can be of any help.


Thanks and regards

Regis Legoff


Re: VServer connection to FPolicy Server fails, NetApp 8.2 Cluster mode

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