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VServer: cpeer.addr.warn.host [ALERT]


I just recently upgraded from 8.3.2 to 9.1P20 and started to see these alert messages being sent.


Message: cpeer.addr.warn.host: Address 172.31.x.x is not any of the addresses that peer cluster <vserver> considers valid for the cluster peer relationship; Details: An introductory RPC to the peer address "172.31.x.x" failed to connect: RPC: Remote system error - No route to host.  Verify that the peer address is correct and try again.


Description: This message occurs when a stable IP address for the peer cluster is no longer valid, making the peer cluster unreachable and causing cross-cluster operations to fail.

I'm sure there was a change in the upgrade, however how do I narrow down what's causing this issue?


Re: VServer: cpeer.addr.warn.host [ALERT]


Re: VServer: cpeer.addr.warn.host [ALERT]


Is the IP address valid and do you have a default route for the SVM set up so it can reach out to that IP address?

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