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ONTAP Discussions

View snapvaulted snapshot retention period and change snapshot type in dfm database



I perform snapshot then snapvault from ossv to secondary filer, or from primary to secondary filer. OnCommand schedule this hourly, daily, weekly or monthly snapshot.

With "snap list" command on the secondary, I can see the list of snapshot created by dfm, but I would cannot know the snapshot type. Example: This particular snapshot was create from a hourly OnCommand job, daily job or weekly job?

I think the filer is not aware of this information. The kind of snapshot and retention period is in the dfm database right?

I have another particular need. Some time, I would like to change the snapshot type (daily to monthly). Typically, a monthly job failed. So I would like to change the last daily job to a monthly snapshot to keep more longer accordly the monthly retention policy. Any idea how to do this?

I'm not sure to understand the "snapvault preserve" or "snapvault retain". This command involve SnapLock ?

As I understand, if exist, the snapshot change type (daily to monthly) and retention period should be operated at the dfm database level ?

Thanks for your help.




I am also looking for a solution of this using Snaplock SnapVault controlled by DFM. Do you have any idea how to set the retention period using DFM?



you can see the retention period using dfpm backup list <datasetname>

retention duration is in second.....

this can be used on snapvault location to change retion period

snapvault snap retain [-f] volume snapname count{d|m|y}

hope it  helps

regards Kees


I have the same problem 😞

Did you find a solution?



unfortunately not.

But, in Protection Manager, in the Dataset properties you can use %R on the snapshot name format, to show the retention type.

So you can know if the snapshot is hourly, daily, weekly or monthly.

But I didn't find how to change the rentention type of a snapshot (if it's possible).

When a monthly job failed, I use the "Protect now" button on the GUI to execute a monthly job manually.

Hope this help




:_( thanks anyway, if I finally find another solution I'll let you know


another information:

the "dfbm backup list volname" command show me all the backup, but not the snapshot type or any other usefull information about the retention period:

Only backupname, backuptime and primary directory (source of the primary filer or ossv)

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