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View user_created vs scheduled snapshots from CLI?


New to FAS.  cDot 8.3.1.P2.



Due to some users causing extreme ammounts of snapshot spill, I'm working on implementing snapshot autodelete.   I have a question I cannot seem to find an answer to.


For the options for snapshot autodelete modify -defer-delete, scheduled vs user_created is there a way to get 'snapshot show' to show this somehow?

 or enable a field that would show itanywhere?   I have both on all of the problem volumes. (well all volumes really)  We have snapdiff backups and "prefix" makes the most sense to me, but I'm curious.


I'm assuming that user_created in this context actually means "non policy".  Correct?








user_created here refers to everything-that-is-not-snap-sched-created-by-Data ONTAP itself.

The scheduled snapshots will have the snapshot as hourly, weekly.. refer https://library.netapp.com/ecmdocs/ECMLP2426782/html/GUID-1D3B0C7D-D94E-43A3-9091-5E76003E16EB.html


Also when you run show command the user created will be listed as below. Scheduled ones will have a sequence associated.

snapshot show -vol vol0 -vserver cm3270-ams-03
Vserver Volume Snapshot Size Total% Used%
-------- -------- ------------------------------------- -------- ------ -----
hourly.5 2.67GB 1% 15%
hourly.4 1.60MB 0% 0%
nightly.1 4.99MB 0% 0%
hourly.3 2.68MB 0% 0%
hourly.2 1.57MB 0% 0%
hourly.1 2.83GB 1% 16%
hourly.0 1.61MB 0% 0%
nightly.0 4.30MB 0% 0%
test 180KB 0% 0%
9 entries were displayed.


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@Sahana wrote:

Scheduled ones will have a sequence associated.

Nothing prevents user from manually creating snapshot with name hourly.2.