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Volume Clone on VM and RDM




We have Physical server running Informix DB, and we do daily procedure which we clone the PROD volumes and map the Clone volumes to the DEV physical server,
we create via script this steps:


1) Enter DB into "hot-backup" mode

2) Create snapshot

3) Exit DB from "hot-backup" mode

4) Create volume clone from the snapshot

5) Bring the Luns Online

6) Map the clone luns to the DEV server

7) Rescan the DEV server HBA

😎 Activate the vg

9) Mount the Luns


This is run in the first time - and from second time and on , there is also steps on the DEV server:

1) De-Activate the vg

2) Remove the VG/PV

3) Unmap the luns


All works fine with this procedure - now we move the DEV server to be VM guest on Vmware.


And things not working as expected , is there automatic procedure that can also work in VM env ?



Hello @yard,


You'll need to map the dev LUNs to the VMware hosts and have them rescan to detect the new LUN, then pass that LUN to the virtual machine and rescan it's SCSI adapter.  Are you able to use iSCSI for dev?  It would be easier to change the LUNs in dev to use iSCSI directly to the guest OS instead of RDMs.



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So - is there something build wit hthe SnapDrive that i can use it , or now i need to learn VMware cli - and run script from other server ?

Also, in case i use NPIV for this VM - still i will have to scan all ESXi servers ? Or i can just use SnapDrive commands to unmap + map ?



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