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Volume Efficiency Show

Hi all,
I've been searching for a command to list all volumes and if storage efficiency is enabled or disabled for that volume.
Volume name                      Efficiency
vol1                                      enabled
vol2                                      disabled
i've have tried "volume efficiency show" but that only lists volumes that have efficiency enabled.
Is what I need possible?
Thanks in advance


Re: Volume Efficiency Show



Thank you reaching NetApp community and regarding your query to make things easy can check it from oncommand System manager under VOLUME tab will give information of volumes which has EFFICIENCY enabled or disabled.


Efficiency Snap.PNG





Re: Volume Efficiency Show

Hello, indeed it does appear that the volume efficiency show command only shows those volumes that have been "touched" by the volume efficicency command, either specifically enabled or disabled. If volume efficiency has been previously enbabled and then subsequently disabled, these volumes will then be displayed in the show output...


cluster1::volume efficiency> show -fields state
vserver volume state
------- -------- --------
vs1 vol1_dis Disabled
vs1 vol1_en Enabled
2 entries were displayed.


To confirm, I could only achieve this after I previously enabled efficiency on volume vol1_dis.




Re: Volume Efficiency Show

The "-fields" option is your friend here.  This is a pretty simple SVM with the output you're looking for:


cluster1::> volume show -vserver SVM_0 -fields is-sis-volume

vserver volume is-sis-volume
------- --------------- -------------
SVM_0 R_PT0_SM_C_TEMP false
SVM_0 R_PT0_SM_P_1 true
SVM_0 ST0_NM_P_PAGE false
SVM_0 ST0_NM_P_SWAP false
SVM_0 ST0_SM_P_1 false
SVM_0 SVM_ST0_root false


Justin Parisi did a great article on how to use all the field commands/options here:




Hope that helps,



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