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Volume is full or Volume crossed autodelete threshold.



I am trying to restore a snapshot of a volume and getting below error. 

I have checked and there is enough free space. 



1. Checking policies
2. Checking access control
3. Dismounting volume on the disk
4. Restoring the LUN from Snapshot copy
5. The attempt to revert the single file '/vol/xxxxx/g.lun' to a revision from the Snapshot copy 'xxxxxxx' on the storage system 'svm-r' failed. Error code: 28. Error description: Failed to restore file from Snapshot copy G_xxxxxxxx for volume "win_xxxxxx" on Vserver "svm-r". Reason: Volume is full or Volume crossed autodelete threshold. .





but dismounting do you mean,  unmounting the lun from all mappings?  


Also, have you tried to create a flexclone from the snapshot you want to restore from and try and map that? 




this looks like its through snapdrive, by the sounds of it, it wants to restore the lun. This seems to need enough free space in the active file system so that it can copy it out of that snapshot. Check the lun size and check the free space.