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Vserver status showing offline




I'm running dashboard command on my clustershell and found that vserver state is offline.


an0990-na-cl1::> dashboard health vserver show
                                       EMS Issues
Vserver           Status   Health    Crit  Warn  Info
----------------- -------- -------  ----- ----- -----
an0990-na-cl1-fcp offline  ok           0     0     0
Issues: The filesystem protocols are not configured.


My vserver is running fine and is hosting data lun's.


I need to know why the status is offline ? and what exactly the status meant here ?






Re: Vserver status showing offline


Hello @jsachdev_tm


I thing your vservers are only configured with FCP, you have not configured NAS protocols like CIFS and NFS on them. That is the reason why they are showing as offline. The default behaviour in 7-mode vfilers is it will not support FCP only support CIFS and NFS. It is displaying in output it self why it is showing as offline.




In my environment i have 3 SVM's, 2 of them are SAN and remaining 1 SVM is NAS. THe NAS SVM showing as online and the 2 SAN SVM's showing as offline. Hope this will helps you.


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Re: Vserver status showing offline


Re: Vserver status showing offline




Yes, it will happen if you configure vserver with ISCSI also.


You need to configure any one of the NAS services on these vservers in order to make them online.


Anyway this will not impact any of your data services on vserver.

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