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WORM Storage allowed to move documents



i hope this community can help us with a query we have.


We use OpenText with NetApp Complaint storage (WORM).

We have confirmed the documents are moved automatically by Opentext to the NetApp storage, retention properly defined (set by the application).

Details on the File Storage:
docIdNo=11053709 path=42/19/41/00A8AA8D noOfComps=1
creationDate=Wed Mar 25 09:24:32 2020
modificationDate=Wed Mar 25 10:29:14 2020
retentionDate=Fri Apr 24 09:24:32 2020
status=0x10( DB ), archive=ECMAD_TST_FX_RET
rights=3f ( R W C N D A  )
component type     volume                          version
data      text/xml Sf_Disk_sh_ECMAD_TST_FX_RET_ECM 1


To our surprise we have been able to move, before the retention date, the document's to another storage, which we would not expect ? We are no experts, but moving a file away from the storage would be the same as removing the document, right ?

Should this be possible ?


Thank you all for your insight !




Interesting, I see your point. I haven't use this device, but curious - Are you sure you moved it and not copied it ?


You cannot move a WORM file during or after the retention period. You can copy a WORM file, but the copy will not retain its WORM characteristics.


Just reading this:


Has the file gone from the WORM or it still exists the ones you said moved.




Thank you !

good point, i will ask the engineers to see if the file actually got moved or copied.

But thanks for verifying my understanding is correct, the file should not have been deleted.