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What is thebest Archive Solution for FAS3220


This question is arising whenever i am looking the free space left on my storage and full backup window time takes 3 to 5 days. Any one can suggest me good cost effective solution from archiving data like Symantec Enterprises vault ? I would like to implement something very cost effective. Is it possible ?

Concern is like this:

1. Automated Archive of (x days/ x months /x years) old data to cheaper storage space. Users will not see any files missing as there will have some kind of shortcut of 1 kb of the file/folder name. When the user clicks on that short cut it should directed to the archive.

2. As we are taking rest of the data as daily incr weekly full / monthly full then the backup window will exempt data which archived already. By this way we can save some more time.


Re: What is thebest Archive Solution for FAS3220


Enterprise Vault currently does not support Clustered DataONTAP for File Archiving. I understand this is coming in version 11.1 but you'd have to contact your Symantec sales representative to find out when that is expected.

For 7-mode it should work fine, as you have described. What version of DataONTAP are you running?

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Re: What is thebest Archive Solution for FAS3220



Thank you for your response. We are using Data Ontap 8.1.3 7-mode. I'm looking something otherthan Vault. As EV is too much expensive we would like to go for some other solution which is cost effective.

Re: What is thebest Archive Solution for FAS3220


Correct.  EV 11.0.1 will add support for Cluster Mode.  It is expected later this year.    As for the comment on EV being expensive we offer tiered discounts for large per TB purchases if that helps.

Re: What is thebest Archive Solution for FAS3220



Another solution which might be a great fit to deliver what you require is something called the E-Tiering appliance from NEC/NetApp

The product basically works to creates what the developers call stubs ( similar to a shortcut ) and essentially you can set policies to tier data based on how much data is actually being used and hence is the exact solution for what you want from a technical capability perspective

You can find more details in the two below links

www.e-tiering cloudappliance.com


The cost will depend on how much data you have but I am almost certain  this could be the best way ahead from a technical and cost perspective in all probability

I ll say try and then decide for yourself

Drop me a line if you need further information



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