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What "wafliron" command does?



-Can you help me to know what command does?





Re: What "wafliron" command does?

Now i found the some input as below,


Wafliron is a Data ONTAP (R) tool that will check a WAFL (R) file system for inconsistencies and correct any inconsistencies found. It should be run under the direction of NetApp Technical Support. Wafliron can be run on a traditional volume or an aggregate. When run against an aggregate, it will check the aggregate and all associated FlexVol (R) volumes. It cannot be run on an individual FlexVol volume within an aggregate.

Wafliron can be run with the storage system online, provided that the root volume does not need to be checked. When run, wafliron performs the following actions on the traditional volume or in the aggregate and associated FlexVol volumes:


  • Checks file and directory metadata
  • Scans inodes
  • Fixes file system inconsistencies

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Re: What "wafliron" command does?

It's my understanding that It's kinda like chdsk and fsck, but for ONTAP. 


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