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When will BRE [Backup restartable Extensions] be available in Ontap Cluster mode ?


Hi Folks,


When will BRE [Backup restartable Extensions] be available in Ontap Cluster mode.


With 7-mode there is no issue, we can suspend and restart backup from the checkpoint, however with Ontap cluster mode version 8.3 I am currently running, this is not possible [I guess

 all versions]. If the Job is suspended in cluster mode, session ID is lost and new session  ID is generated when the backup is resumed, in other words data backup starts from begining.


Is this something will be available in Onap 8.4 cluster mode ?









Bug 679274 : Clustered Data ONTAP does not support the NDMP Backup Restart Extension interface

This bug has been fixed in the 8.3 RC1 Clustered Data ONTAP release





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Thanks a lot, Hari. Much appreciated.


Just one qury:


My Customer is running 8.3P1, looking at the release date 8.3RC1 looks newer. Is that something NetApp recommends to download.

On the download page, I see this note:
Please note: NetApp strongly recommends customers looking to download and install a version of Data ONTAP in the 8.3.x release family to use Data ONTAP 8.3P1


Data ONTAP - 8.3P1
Date Posted: 22-APR-2015

Data ONTAP - 8.3RC1
Date Posted:May -2015


Are you sure you do not confuse it with 8.3.1RC1?




Yeah, you are right - 8.3RC1 is older than 8.3P1.

 8.3 Releases:
 8.3RC1 ----> old release [I already tested - dump restart does not work]
 8.3P1 -----> Customer already is on higher update and it still dosent work
 8.3.1RC1 ---> Latest release

My confusion has only increased now as far as when this BUG is fixed Or if at all fixed?


According to this BUG, this is already fixed in all versions of 8.3. I am currently running 8.3RC1 Simulator and suspending a Job is causing NDMP session ID to end. In 7-mode: When we suspend a Job from Backup Software, NDMP session ID is not lost and when you run Backup status command, it shows -> State : RESTARTABLE

The key word is 'RESTARTABLE' which dosent seem to work in cluster mode.

The NDMP Backup Restart Extension (BRE) interface is a proprietary extension defined in class 0x2050

According to NDMP.org:
This request is used by the backup application (DMA) to instruct the Data Server to restart a previous backup operation at a specific point in the backup stream.  Request arguments include a handle to a previously created backup context, the restart point specified as an absolute offset within the backup stream, and a file history entry corresponding to the restart point.

The backup restart mechanism requires that the Data Server generate file history information and that the Data Server implementation of file history generate fh_info values as absolute byte offsets within the backup stream.


The backup application determines restart points by accessing the Tape Server NDMP_MOVER_GET_STATE bytes_moved value at appropriate ‘checkpoints’ during the original backup operation. A checkpoint represents a known good point in the backup operation.


BRE extensions are bydefault disabled, I enabled by setting it 'true' yet its not working.


CMODE83RC1::*> ndmp extensions show
  (vserver services ndmp extensions show)

Is Extension 0x2050 Enabled: true




I am really surprised that nobody is able to clarify ont his. I thought NetApp invented NDMP, and I am sure there are people in NetApp who can shed light on this. Many thanks in advance!!