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When will a changed export-policy & rule (cDOT) take effect?


Assuming a policy and rule is associated with a client x.x.x.x, been running fine. Now, supoose I misteknly change it to a wrong IP, say "y.y.y.y", in SYSTEM MANAGER gui, via EDIT, and made SAVE then  CLOSE.


So, with this operatoin,


1.  will this change take effect immediately? or will the client x.x.x.x immediately have the issue to access the volume?

2. if I correct the IP and change it back to x.x.x.x within a couple minteus, should the client have any interruption?

3. In 7-mode, the export policy would staty in memory unless you make a change in memory as well. What about in cDOT situationi?




Thank you for sharing!




From what I've seen NFS export policy & rule changes on cDOT should be practically instant.  It's not quite the same concept as 7mode where there was the potential of having differing exports in memory vs. the /etc/exports file.


As far as impact to the client - it depends on what is using the NFS mount (different outcomes are possible with the NFS export serving a DB vs. a VMware datastore vs. storage for random flat files, etc.) and if data was actively trying to be written during the time of the NFS export change.  Generally, I'd assume it would be a negative impact.

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