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Will SnapShot policies be retained after transtion from 7-mode to cDOT?


I checked some articles / documents, only Snapshot COPIES will be copied over to cDOT, but as far as I know, they did not mention anything about if Snapshot policies/schedules will be also migrated over?


Please share your idea.





Hello Heights,


I perform transition consulting for NetApp and am happy to report that 7MTT 2.0 does copy over the snapshot schedules for the volumes being migrated.


For more information about what 7MTT automates, see this FAQ:


Please hit kudos and accept as answered if that covers it 😉


Thanks for the prompt response.


In our case, the SS copies have been migrated over, but no any newer SS copies got produced since the trainstion, and the policy is empty. What could be the cause?




Hi netappmagic,


A couple of scenarios:


Is the 7MTT version 2.0 ?


Is the migration cutover complete?


If yes to both of these, we can check the status of applying the snapshot policy from the 7MTT logs.  That is done on the 7MTT Home page or if you would like to use the CLI:


C:\Program Files\NetApp\7-Mode Transition Tool20ga\7-Mode Transition Tool\bin>transition bundle-tool-logs
INFO: Successfully bundled tool logs on the server at the following location : C:\Program Files\NetApp\7-Mode Transition
 Tool20ga\7-Mode Transition Tool\asup\

Grab the logs and post them to a NetApp support case to have them take a look. 






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