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Windows Explorer Behavior with ~Snapshot directory hidden at share level


Hi guys. I have a fleet of windows 7 machines using CIFS shares on C-Mode over SMBv2 with SMB signing. I have snapdir enabled at volume level and disabled at share level. This should allow me manually browse the ~snapshot directory by entering a full path. This does not work though if in windows explorer I enter the full path in the address bar. It works from other entry points though for example (UAC enabled and at defaults on machine):


Direct path is \\\vol_1\~snapshot\ in my lab


  • dir command run non-elevated works
  • dir command run elevated works
  • type path into run dialog in start menu works
  • type path in windows explorer address bar does not work and yeilds

Access via Explorer Address Bar.PNG


I have disbaled UAC and issue perists. No GPO being applied here. Anyone come accross this before? 



Can you show this command


vol show -vol nameof vol -vserver nameofvserver -fields snapdir-access 


also, show this


cifs share properties show -vserver nameofvserver -share-name nameofshare


Here is associated KB - https://kb.netapp.com/app/answers/answer_view/a_id/1000475


namefoshare should be your volume admin share.


Browse your admin volume share, and go to previous versions to see if you see snaps


Hi, bare in mind that this is not usage of 'previous versions' per say as I have not turned that on:


Volume snaps are visible:


lab-clucmode-01::> vol show -volume vol_1 -vserver SVM_001 -fields snapdir-access

vserver volume snapdir-access

------- ------ --------------

SVM_001 vol_1 true


Share Level snap directory not visible:


lab-clucmode-01::> cifs share properties show -vserver SVM_001 -share-name vol_1

Vserver: SVM_001
Share: vol_1
Share Properties: oplocks browsable


Add the following share properties and see if this fixes it


  • showsnapshot - This property specifies that Snapshot copies can be viewed and traversed by clients.



Thanks for the replies but I think you are missing my point. I can access the ~snapshot folder without issue in 3 out of 4 ways. I don't want it to be displayed by default in the share root when browsing but have the option to manually browse it if required. As far as I can see it, enabled snapshot visibility at the share level simply allows for the ~snapshot folder to be seems in windows explorer by default if 'show hidden files' is enabled in windows.