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Windows RSH without password

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As I check UNIX client rsh do not need suppoly password if user name is listed with the host name in the /etc/hosts.equiv, how about Windows client? Can Windows client rsh do not need password?


Customer use Oracle RAC with NetApp RAW device in Windows server, SnapDrive cannot call controller take snapshot, if Windows client rsh must provide password, any workaround call controller take snapshot wihtout password in script?




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Re: Windows RSH without password

Sorry I was just checking an email and noticed your question.  Must be berief as I need to 'do work' stuff.  The answer is in RSA pre shared keys.  Looks much harder to set up than it actually is.  Loads on this forum about how to do it.  Also make sure the Windows server you are using still supports RSH as it is not installed by default anymore.  Long term the answer is to migrate to Powershell or one of the other supported APIs.


Good luck and hope it helps


Check out the KB!
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