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Windows disk under different Cluster nodes


Hi all,


we have a Windows Dynamic Disk (F:) which is distributed to 3 NetApp iSCSI LUNs. (10+10+5). The first LUN is completely full, the newly written data is being written to second 10TB LUN at the moment.


Because of performance Problems we want to migrate second and third LUNs to another node in the Cluster (6 Node Cluster), the new Node is AFF.


Can ONTAP and Windows handle this configuration or should unmap the disk from Windows, move all of the 3 disks to AFF Node Pair and map again?


Thanks for the helps,




Re: Windows disk under different Cluster nodes


Hi, the LUN should be presented from the new node (and it's HA Pair) when you move the volume over. Triple check that you actually have iSCSI connectivity to the new node (and by best-practice to every node in the cluster), perhaps try even mapping a dummy LUN from the new AFF to see it's reachable.


Because of SLM you will not see the new disk paths to the AFF before you do the volume move. But if you wish to - you can use the "LUN mapping add-reporting-nodes" command to get it displayed.



Please keep in mind this is a community forum and answers here comes with no warranty :-).

Gidi Marcus (Linkedin) - Storage and Microsoft technologies consultant - Hydro IT LTD - UK

Re: Windows disk under different Cluster nodes


Hi Marcus,

so you mean it is fine to leave the other two LUNs on another HA Pair (FAS8200) even though these three LUNs represents to a single disk on Windows?


The paths has been created  on the AFF Pair and the IPs of the AFF has been added to Host iSCSI Config.




Re: Windows disk under different Cluster nodes




On 7-mode systems all the LUNs composing a dynamic disk had to be on the same storage controller.


ONTAP 9 and Clustered Data ONTAP do not have this requirement unless PRs (persistent reservations) are required. If that is the case, all the LUNs should reside on the same node.


So if your environment does not need PRs, you should be ok moving the volumes/LUNs... just pay attention to what Marcus said.


Have iSCSI multipath correctly setup, SLM, etc..





Kind Regards,
Pedro Rocha

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