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XCP Scan Hung after running for >13hrs


Ran xcp scan -du on a 30TB NFS share, which would approximately have 120million files.

xcp scan took about 6 hours to scan 104million files, but after that for next 10hrs it was in same state but i see continuous "xcp re-opener" and "mod time chnaged, reading anyway" warning/info event in the logs.


im using 1.7 xcp version, attaching the xcp logs for reference.



Can you please provide us XCP scan stats, may I know does existing scan got completed? At the first look could see its network issue. 


Can you please share the outcome of <scan  -stats -showmem>, suggestion is to please  increase the RAM to at least 64GB in this case.   


Hi Ash,


Attaching the sar output of the xcp host when the scan was running.

I see the memory utilization not more than 50 %(this host it has 32GB of memory).


From XCP logs attached on the trail thread do u suspect anything ? why after 10PM it was in the same state to 6.30AM ?


Note: That scan has not completed fully, i had to abort it.


Hi, Since XCP scan was aborted manually. I suggest to please re-run the xcp scan with -stats -showmem as suggested earlier, it would help. I only could see there is possibility of issue with the NW and could not see issue with XCP from the given log. Regards Ashutosh 


Hi Ashutosh,


As suggested I will try out the option you suggested and feedback.


In the meantime, I would like to highlight one point --> if you could see the xcp logs, my scan start time is: 2021-06-20 17:14 and by 2021-06-20 22:47 around 103M files scanned, till this time frame there were no warning events in the logs, exactly at 2021-06-20 22:48 I see a warning event for the CATALOG INDEX, i see continuous warnings for this index, currently we are uncertain why catalog index was experiencing an issue. (May be becoz of some issue with the catalog, the scan was prolonging).


Now can I run the same xcp scan with -noID syntax, so that it will not create any index file ?


Do the above finding/ask is making some meaning ? pls suggest on this.