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XCP Stats Output


Is there a way/syntax for XCP SCAN to provide a more detailed output of which files/folders have not been modified >1 year?


When I run xcp scan -stats \\SMBPath it returns a very high level report which includes:


== Modified ==
>1 year >1 month 1-31 days 1-24 hrs <1 hour <15 mins future invalid
   1049      383         3


Is there a way to determine WHICH files fall into the 1049 listed above?  So if I want to archive those files, how would I know where they were in order to do so?






Re: XCP Stats Output


@nicholsongc Are you still looking for the solution?

Re: XCP Stats Output


I am.  If it's in the docs I'll need to RTFM closer.  If there is a trick or "ninja" command switch, I'm all ears!

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