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XDP Snapmirror update and deleting snaps


I'm finding that my destination volume appears more "FULL" than my source in a XDP relationship.


Source df output...

Filesystem                    total used avail capacity Mounted on Vserver
/vol/Volume_R/                 95TB 93TB 2056GB     98%        --- Vserver1
/vol/Volume_R/.snapshot          0B 22TB     0B      0%        --- Vserver1
2 entries were displayed.


Destination df output...

Filesystem                       total used avail capacity  Mounted on
/vol/Volume_R_dst/               100TB 99TB 890GB      99%         ---
/vol/Volume_R_dst/.snapshot         0B 26TB    0B       0%         ---
2 entries were displayed.


I've resorted to deleting destination vol snapshots to keep the transfers from running out of space.  Aside from not having those snaps on the destination once the transfer completes, am I shorting myself in any other way by this practice?  The purpose of this relationship is to snapmirror a 100TB data volume containing multiple LUNs, break the mirror and use host-based copy to migrate from the LUNs at the destination to a NAS share (CIFS) which will be serving the data going forward.


Thanks for not questioning why the F&$% it was configured this way to begin with 😉  This was an inherited config and I'm trying to correct it.






i think the command not showing you the real sizes of the snapshots.  you should use a command like volume show-space or vol snap show to see more drilled down numbers.



Gidi Marcus (Linkedin) - Storage and Microsoft technologies consultant - Hydro IT LTD - UK