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Discuss and ask questions about NetApp's Operating System, ONTAP, and its data protection features and plug-ins.

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Hello, I am seeing this very strange behavior:   # df output /vol/vol_SQL1_MS1_Data_1/ 3328599656 3180880684  147718972      96%  /vol/vol_SQL1_MS1_Da ...read more
Hello Expert,   we recently installed a client Host SuSE Enterprise Linux 15. We noticed that from this host , we are unable to do ssh onto Netapp Sto ...read more
Hi All,   I'm getting strange errors from DNS server   NTAP-clstr::> event log show -message-name secd.*Time Node Severity Event------------------- -- ...read more
Hi   I have one FAS2050 with ontap 7.3.3 , need to migrate CIFS shares with permission to FAS2720 with ontap 9.6    Can anyone help to provide best wa ...read more
A Windows server 2016 has a drive mapped to a filer and after a week it disconnects.  Like clockwork, about every 7 days, and it happens every time so ...read more
Created an SVM in CVO in Azure. Created a lif for the SVM. Lif is enabled for both data and management. SVM is unlocked. vsadmin username and a passwo ...read more
What is best way and steps to undertake preventive maintenance on NetApp Storage?
Hello, In January Microsoft will force "LDAP Signing" (LDAPS) and "channel binding" which will make all unencrypted connections impossible to the Acti ...read more
I have four aggregates, two SAS and two NL-SAS. I created a Mirror and Vault Protection Relationship and it automatically created the destination volu ...read more
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